Experience seamless Augmented Reality content on the Web

Experience seamless Augmented Reality content on the Web

Augmented reality is a layer of digital objects and information like images, videos, 3D content, rendered over the real world. It is also referred to as the mixture of the virtual worlds and the real world. 

What is Augmented Reality?

webar/augmented reality

What is WebAR?

WebAR refers to web-based augmented reality experiences that allow you to experience augmented reality via your smartphone without requiring an additional application. All you need is a custom URL that opens in a smartphone browser, requests camera authorizations, and provides AR content in the user's live environment.

Check out the various 3D/AR content in our AR gallery

Now you can bring your favorite heroes, cars, bikes, educational concepts & places into your space without any app. Our Ar gallery consists of various 3D/AR content categories, which can power your imaginations and take you to magical worlds. Have a try and share your experience with us.


Want to change the traditional way of learning concepts, then experiment with our 3D/AR educational content and change your learning curve.

​Science & technology

Enjoy learning science like never before, by trying out our 3D/AR content related to the science & technology of the AR gallery. Bring your favorite inventions, satellites, robots etc. Into your space and explore them.


Try our 3D/AR engineering content, which enables you to view engineering designs in 360° view and increase your learning and design productivity.


Let's travel back in time with AR dinosaurs in the AR gallery. Play with them and make adventures, also take pictures with your favorite dinosaurs.

Cultural heritage & history

Expand your creativity by trying out our cultural heritage & history AR content. You can view famous museums, paintings, sculptures & monuments from different angles within your room.

Electronics & gadgets

Our AR gallery consists of the electronics & gadgets category, which will enhance product visualization for customers before buying gadgets. Try them to decide which gadgets are right for you.

Cars & vehicles

Experience our 3D/AR content related to cars and motorcycles and you will be able to place your dream cars like Audi, BMW, Ford, Mercedes, and into your space.


How exciting it is to watch our favourite hero or character on a 2D screen.  To double the excitement, we brought a number of fictional characters into AR. Bring them to your space and have a lot of joy.

No app needed, just in a few clicks bring interactive 3D models into your space

Enter into a new era of content sharing

Share 3D/AR content more conveniently with our webAR solutions. Now you can share our 3D/AR content with your friends like the way we share pictures and videos by mail, WhatsApp, Facebook, instagram&other social media. The shared AR content is accessed via your mobile browser. No app is required.

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