Augmented reality in event management

It takes lots of effort to manage an event which requires greater coordination between the people. To represent the visualization in the mind of the event manager, He must give greater clarification to the workers & team about the design idea. When clients approach the event management teams they will showcase their old designs through photos & videos. But design remains the same & location changes, this leads to miss-communication sometimes. The event management team also cant previsualizes the event set before.

To solve the above problems we are going to introduce augmented reality technology in event management/planning. AR is an immersive technology that superimposes digital content like photos/3d models into our space with the help of a mobile phone. So, we can construct 3d visualization of event sets & use them for previsualization. Such that the client can see the complete event set without even arranging it, which gives greater clarification for the teams to previsualize their idea & removes miss-communication between clients. They can also know how a particular design looks in a certain place without not even arranging it physically. Which reduces their time, effort & gives a better output. In the below video you can see a design related to the photoshoot visualized with the help of mobile phone AR. We are making augmented reality simplified, such that users can experience augmented reality just with web links.

Try the above AR experience on your mobile and share your views with us. For more details please visit our website.

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